Review: English Lessons by Andrea Lucado

English Lessons by Andrea Lucado
Waterbrook Press, 2017

In English Lessons, Andrea recounts her year abroad in England, where she went to college. Her voice is fresh and unique, and I found it intriguing to read something that makes it okay to search and ask difficult questions. That’s what this book is comprised of: her struggles, her doubts about faith, and her search for answers all wrapped up in the stories of her time at Oxford. What happens when we are taken completely out of our comfort zones?

The little illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are charming and add a touch of whimsy to this book. They sweetly complement Andrea’s stories and I just really loved that design element.

The chapter on art was the part I most enjoyed. She talks about how if truth is found in art, God is there, too. And I think that’s why I love to read. Art, the written word, can express truth. And that is a powerful thing to realize. That’s why Andrea’s experience at this art conference was one I enjoyed reading in chapter eight.

Overall, I found this book to be interesting and different. I neither loved nor disliked it, but land somewhere in the middle. I don’t feel that there was much resolution in the book, and while I believe that was intentional, I’m not a fan of loose ends.

But, maybe that was the goal: to show readers what the crooked pieces of life look like and learn to live with and work through them.

If you’ve ever been to or are fascinated by England, I think you will enjoy this book and your vicarious travels with Andrea.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.*


One thought on “Review: English Lessons by Andrea Lucado

  1. Ah I remember you talking about this book! I know what you mean about loose endings – I think for me, it depends on the book. Sometimes I don’t mind them 😉

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