Review: Life After by Katie Ganshert

When I first read the back cover summary of Life After, I was intrigued. It sounded different than what I typically read, but so compelling.

The premise of this novel centers on a Chicago tragedy -a train explosion- where the victims’ lives are lost, all but one. It follows the life of Autumn Manning, whose life was spared, and the aftermath of experiencing such a life-altering horror. How do you move forward? How do you reconcile the fact that you alone lived, and why? Why did you survive and no one else?

Life After by Katie Ganshert
Waterbrook, 2017

The prologue had me immediately engaged, and from there it never let up. Autumn’s life has been changed dramatically, and no one around her can relate to what she has been through.

This book grapples with the weight of survival and the pressure to make your survival mean something

This story takes an honest look at how life can be turned upside down in one unimaginable moment. It is a story about grief, and how we grapple with it, try to understand it, and ultimately how we attempt to move forward.

Can Autumn learn to heal without forgetting?

This is a standout novel. My favorite read of the year so far.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts expressed are my own.*


6 thoughts on “Review: Life After by Katie Ganshert

  1. Your favorite read so far? That is a true compliment! I *need* to read this one because all of the reviews I’ve read are amazing! I missed out on reviewing it, but alas, I will get a copy soon!

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