Monthly Favorites: February

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Welcome to my monthly wrap up! This is where I share my favorite things from around the web, including author news and favorite blog posts from my friends. This may vary between a few items some months and several things that deserve highlighting other months, depending on what’s caught my eye. Enjoy!

Tons of cover reveals are happening lately. Jen Turano, Kristi Ann Hunter, and Katherine Reayto name a few.

Kristy Cambron is writing non-fiction and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Sarah Sundin’s next series has book titles and I am so ready for these books!

Goodreads now has a reread feature.

March Most Anticipated:

Share your monthly highlights below! How did February treat you?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites: February

  1. CANNOT wait to read both Kristy’s and Sarah’s books. I have both preordered (staying clear of signing up for tours for a month or two because INSPYs!). Also, YAY for cover reveals. 🙂

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