5 Ways to Stay in the Know with Your Favorite Authors


Sometimes it can be hard to stay connected with authors or remember when their next book is coming out. Or maybe you just wish you could get to know an author whose work you enjoy. Today I am sharing five ways you can stay in the know with your favorite authors (because lists are my favorite).

1. Check out the Website

I look for two distinct things in an author website that will make me want to stick around a while and get to know who they are and more about what they write. The first is ease of getting around. Does their website make sense? Is it easy to find what I’m looking for? Usually this means an author bio, links to connect with them, and a page listing all their books and where I can buy them.

The second is aesthetic. Is the website pretty/pleasing to look at? Does it fit with who they are as an author? Does it express their personality/brand?

SPOTLIGHT: The colors of Katherine Reay’s site match her books and the touch of whimsy makes me want to stay awhile.

2. Follow the blog

If an author writes a blog, usually you can find it as a part of their website, so this ties in with the first point of this post. I am a huge fan of author blogs. It is a place where you can really discover more about the author and get to know more about them on a personal level.

Some authors will write a blog independently, but I’ve also seen a few group blogs, which can be really fun to follow. With a group of authors, you get diverse content and can keep up with several authors all in one place.

I would recommend subscribing to your favorite ones. That way, each new post will show up in your inbox. If you don’t like your inbox to fill up, consider bookmarking the blog so you can easily visit whenever you want to catch up with your favorites.

SPOTLIGHT: Melissa Tagg always writes down to earth posts and I almost feel like I know her. She let’s her readers in to see the joys and the struggles, and I find that she is someone I can relate to.

3.  Subscribe to the newsletter

I love this one! I only subscribe to my very favorite authors [because too many emails!]. This is the easiest option. You sign up once, and the author communicates with you whenever something exciting happens. You get the direct communication when: a new book is coming out, new cover art is revealed, release dates are announced, ebook deals and all the fun things!

I especially like newsletters when the author makes it unique to them, and adds personal flair. Boring newsletters are a no-go in my inbox, so if one catches my interest, it’s a keeper!

SPOTLIGHT: Becky Wade has the best newsletters. Her mom and sisters each get to share their tips for readers, whether it be a book recommendation or a fashion tip, which I obviously love because no one else does this. And she always share some fun tidbit about something behind the scenes of her books and has a newsletter-subscriber only giveaway.

SPOTLIGHT: And because I couldn’t narrow it down to one, I also love Hillary Manton Lodge’s newsletter. She always adds a recipe (yum!) and pictures of her adorable dogs.

4. Social Media

The most obvious is to follow your favorites on social media. There are so many options, and it’s a great way to connect with authors. Most authors have Facebook and Twitter. I personally like Facebook for giveaways and Twitter for ‘talking’ directly to authors about their work. Then you have Instagram, Goodreads, and Pinterest, all of which have varying levels of author use. These don’t tend to be as universal as far as author use, but some of them really like these platforms.

SPOTLIGHT: Courtney Walsh is my favorite on Instagram. She posts pretty pictures and writes beautiful words about her day or her struggles, and I find that so inspiring and down to earth.

SPOTLIGHT: Laura Frantz is a huge Pinterest user. She posts all kinds of book inspiration and is very active on the social media site.

5. Follow the Publisher

The final way you can stay connected to your favorite authors? Follow their publishing company. This is a great resource for finding out about new books and when they will be in stores. It may even introduce you to new authors to love.

How do you like to stay connected to your favorite authors?


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