Best Books of 2016

It’s time for my favorite post of the year! I always love rounding up my personal “Best Books of the Year” list.

Narrowing my favorite books down to this list was a struggle this year. I read 52 books, and there were three or four that almost made the list, but in the end, I had to pick the ones I enjoyed the most.


Each title is linked to my review (or the Goodreads page):

Interested in my ‘best of’ lists from years past? Take a look: 2013 | 2014 | 2015

What were your favorite books of 2016? Share below or link me to your post!


12 thoughts on “Best Books of 2016

  1. SO MANY GOOD BOOKS! Why Courtney’s and Sarah’s didn’t make my list, I’ll never know – they were lovely books. (Glad they both have 2017 books to come!) Also, we have some shared “best of” with Katherine’s, Hillary’s, Becky’s and of course, Joanne’s. 🙂

    Great year of reading I’d say.

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    1. I love that we have so many mutual favorites! I guess you could add Courtney and Sarah’s as a postscript, perhaps? Both of their books were fantastic, obviously. 🙂 And I am right there with you, excited they both have new books coming!!


  2. Thanks so much, Cassie, for including Her One and Only. You made my day! 🙂 I especially love seeing Courtney Walsh on your ‘favorites’ round up, since she’s a favorite friend of mine…


  3. I need to read both The Lady and the Lionheart and the Two Blue Doors series ASAP! I wanted to get to it so badly last month, but oh well. Her One and Only, of course, was amazing. Love your list, Cassie! Happy New Year. 🙂

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    1. YES YOU DO! Please read them this year! They are amazing, definitely books that will be lasting favorites for me. I don’t even know which one to recommend you read first because they’re both so very good!

      If/when I see your reviews come out for these books, I’ll be sure to stop by and comment! Happy New Year!


  4. There were so many great books out there this year. Difficult choices! I have to say that hands down A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton takes my top spot this year with So Rare a Gift by Amber Lynn Perry coming in right behind. Both terrific books from a similar time period.


    1. Oh, I love Lori Benton! Her books are always so compelling! I think I’ve seen Amber’s book around, but haven’t read it myself. I’m glad you had a good reading year in 2016. Here’s to 2017!


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