Monthly Favorites: December

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Welcome to my monthly wrap up! This is where I share my favorite things from around the web, including author news and favorite blog posts from my friends. This may vary between a few items some months and several things that deserve highlighting other months, depending on what’s caught my eye. Enjoy!

*It’s almost time to post my favorite books of 2016, so this post is going up a bit early! Short and sweet!*

# books read: 5
# books acquired: 4
# books added to TBR: 6

Hannah from So Obsessed With celebrated her 5 year anniversary with all kinds of content on her favorites throughout the years. Our reading tastes don’t overlap much, but I just love her content.

Lori Benton’s next book is coming out in September of 2017. SEPTEMBER?!?! And while it feels so very far away, she recently revealed her book’s title.

Annie F Downs is a non-fiction writer and I love her. She writes blog post that are so real and down to earth. Everything she writes seems to resonate with me, and I really loved this post about calling and Moana.

That’s it! What are your December favorites?

P. S. Today marks my 4-year blogging anniversary. Thank you to all the authors, publishers, bloggers, and friends who have made being part of this community such a joy.

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