Review: To Have and To Hold | A Novella Collection

To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories 
By Betsy St. Amant, Becky Wade, and Katie Ganshert
Zondervan, 2016

Overall Thoughts on the Collection:

This novella collection was fabulous. I enjoyed each story and am so glad I decided to pick this one up. I have grown to love Becky Wade’s writing, and I was also interested in Betsy St. Amant and Katie Ganshert’s work, so this was a no-brainer.

Love Take the Cake by Betsy St. Amant

This was a super cute novella. I loved that Charlotte owned a bakery, and that it was called The Dough Knot. I mean, how cute is that? And I’ve recently developed a interest in foodie novels (I blame Hillary Lodge Manton, who wrote the Two Blue Doors series), so I was definitely loving all the descriptions of cookies, pastries, and lots of wedding cake.

The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert

Amelia and Nate’s meet-cute was the best. It was, quite literally, an accident. Amelia is adorable and I really felt for her. They end up emailing back and forth for a good portion of the novella, and I absolutely loved it. They made me smile. I happen to adore novels that largely involve letters (epistolary novels). And these emails were perfect. I can easily say this novella is so good, I would put it in my top 3.

Love in the Details by Becky Wade

This one was about Josh and Holly, who broke up years ago and only re-enter each others lives because of a friend’s wedding. So the tension is very strong when they first run into each other. And Holly is a writer, which I really liked reading about. One aspect I really liked was how, even though they broke up years ago, they both had been following each others careers. This novella is also in my top 3 now. And if you’re wondering what the third is now that I’ve named two of these favorites, the third is Melissa Tagg’s Three Little Words.

What are some of your favorite novellas?


5 thoughts on “Review: To Have and To Hold | A Novella Collection

  1. This sounds like a fun little collection! I’m all about foodie novels, too. 🙂 🙂 It’s all Hillary’s fault! (And I slightly blame Katherine Reay because of Lizzy & Jane).

    Besides any of Melissa Tagg’s novellas, I also loved A Singular and Whimsical Problem by Rachel McMillan. Another recent one I enjoyed was You Don’t Have to Be a Star by Susan May Warren. It had so much depth to the story arc in so few pages — quite impressive!


    1. Yes, how could I forget Katherine Reay’s foodie novel! That one definitely deserves recognition!

      I’ve not read either of the novellas you mentioned, but I’ll trust your opinion that they are superb! 🙂


  2. On your recommendation, I picked up Katie Ganshert’s, A Perfect Arrangement. I’m so glad I did, I loved it, especially their wit in corresponding and their nod to classic movies.


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