The Many Reasons I Loved Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin

Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin
Waves of Freedom, Book 2
Revell, 2016

Remember how I always tell you Sarah Sundin is my favorite author? Well, that is still a true statement! She always writes the best characters who have the best back-stories and growth and I love them. And my heart always gets tangled up in her stories and I am so attached. Anchor in the Storm is no different. It’s my new favorite!

In lieu of a normal review, allow me to list the reasons I loved this book:

  • Lillian Avery. She has this tenacious spirit I loved. And her strength hides her heart from hurt.
  • Arch Vandenberg. Well isn’t he a keeper? He caught my attention from the beginning, and I just adored the way he wooed Lillian.
  • Arch’s gentle approach to courting Lillian. He understood how easily he could scare her away otherwise.
  • Lillian’s emerald green dress and Arch’s dress whites. I could always picture how they looked because, again THE COVER.
  • Arch and her brother, Jim, are best friends. (Which means we also get to see Jim and Mary from book one, YAY!)
  • The ice skating scene.
  • Opening Day at Fenway Park! (I just visited Boston, and I absolutely loved Fenway and watching a Red Sox game. Highlight of the trip!!!)
  • The scene at the piano.
  • Basically every scene Arch and Lillian share.
  • When Lillian counts the days she and Arch have been apart.
  • How the girls Lillian lives with take turns cooking dinner for their roommates.
  • The bracelet and how Lillian chose to see it.

Arch and Lillian were a strong couple, and their relationship was built on friendship and their ability to be vulnerable with one another about their deepest fears and pains from the past. I hope we see them marry before the end of the series. I could even see them getting married before Jim and Mary!

All that to say, I really loved this book and this couple. I enjoyed it more than the first book of the series, too, so I can’t wait to see what book three will bring!

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