2 Binge-Worthy Series You Should Add to Your TBR Immediately

Sometimes I will look over at my bookshelves for inspiration when I’m brainstorming new topics to write about and this time, I was focusing on series. Which ones are the most addictive? That I wished I had the next book when I finished the first one? That hooked me from the moment I decided to give it a chance?

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First we have the Price of Privilege series by Jessica Dotta. Can I just say she is the most phenomenal writer I have ever had the luxury of reading? Her sentences create the most vivid images in my mind and the layers in this story are endless. This one is intriguing, as it leaves you somewhat in the dark as to what’s really going on. You find out pieces of the puzzle along with Julia and it is the most amazing, complex, engrossing story I’ve read in a long time. [Now I sit here desperately waiting for Jessica Dotta to publish her next story. I’ll wait as long as it takes. I am ready!]

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The second series is the Two Blue Doors series from Hillary Manton Lodge. Whereas the first series is a historical, this is on the other end of the spectrum: contemporary. Juliette is our heroine and watching her start a new restaurant with her brother, fall in love with a heart-throb guy, and attend weekly family dinners, you really get to know her heart. You want to see her be successful and get her happy ending. And it is wonderful and heart-warming and delicious. [Hillary is writing a book that has something to do with Jane Austen next and I can’t wait!!]

What I find really interesting about these is they are both told from a first-person perspective. First person narratives can be really difficult to get into, but they can also be engaging and perfect and wonderful. These two will make you forget about your real-life responsibilities and tempt you to stay up late to find out what will happen.

What is your favorite binge-worthy series?


8 thoughts on “2 Binge-Worthy Series You Should Add to Your TBR Immediately

  1. These are both so fitting for this topic!!! Ahhhh! It’s interesting that they are both so captivating AND told from the 1st person narrative. Another similar series that comes to mind is Rachelle Rea’s “Steadfast Love” series, told from 1st person narratives that alternate between the heroine and hero.

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    1. I thought you might visit, Courtney! 🙂 I’ve heard so much about Rachelle Rea’s books, and I’m thinking I might need to pick them up. They sound like something I might enjoy!


  2. As soon as I saw what this post was titled, I knew I had to stop by and see if Price of Privilege was on it! High five!! Definitely my fave binge-worthy series as well. I haven’t read the Two Blue Doors series yet, but I do have the first on my nightstand right now. Soon, I hope!! LOVED this, Cassie!

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    1. Yay! Thanks for visiting, Bekah! Price of Privilege deserves to be on this list SO MUCH! And I hope you love the Two Blue Doors series when you read it. It is the best ever! 🙂


  3. Loved the Price of Privilege series and it sounds like I need to check out Two Blue Doors! Another favorite series I’d call binge-worthy is Haven Seekers by Amanda G. Stevens. Thanks for the fun post. 🙂


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