Review: Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg
Walker Family, Book 2
Bethany House, 2016

I always know when I open a novel from Melissa Tagg, I’m in for a treat. She writes these adorable characters who are spunky and full of life and dealing with their own struggles. It’s simply a wonderful thing to sit down and enjoy one of her books.

Maple Valley, yet again, feels like coming home. I love a small town full of quirks and celebrations. And it was a little Stars Hollow-esque, with the mayor and some other silliness. Anyone who follows Melissa on any platform knows how much she loves Gilmore Girls (and Jess!).

The funny thing is, I don’t know if the characters were ones I fell in love with. For me, it was more about the message of the book that resonated far more deeply. It’s about being who you are and having that support system around you that can encourage and steady you.

This is what I most connected with: This book is about being known for who you truly are.

How many people in your life can you say truly know you? Not as the person they think you are, want you to be, or know you can be in the future. But as who you are right now, perfectly imperfect. That is the beautiful part of this book.

I really enjoyed the historical bent of this story, too. Amelia’s fascination with aviation started all because she was trying to make the origins of her name interesting, but it turned into a life-long love of history. She is passionate about all things Amelia Earnhardt and Charles Lindbergh, and the history of aviation comes alive through her eyes.

When the book ends by turning a common trope in fiction on it’s head, I was completely sold (as if I wasn’t already!). I found it completely unexpected and I just am thrilled with how Melissa ended the story of Amelia and Logan.

My heart is full.

I need more Beckett and Reagan. (I absolutely cannot wait to read Reagan’s story and it needs to hurry up and get here! Her and Bear are so so so interesting.)

*I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you to Goodreads and Bethany House. All opinions are my own.*


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