3 Out of the Box Books for 2016

In an effort to stretch myself outside of my reading comfort zone, I’ve decided to read a few different books this year. And I’m quite looking forward to it. What can I learn from these books that are not what I typically read?

And with this new commitment, I am presenting the 3 books I have decided to try out. They include a classic, a popular author in a genre I don’t read, and a non-fiction book; an eclectic collection at best!

  1. The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

I chose this classic because it’s a popular one, and there’s all these movies based on this series. Maybe I’ll watch them someday if I can get myself through this book. And Jamie over at Books & Beverages always hosts Inklings Discussions, which has helped inspire me to read what I’m sure is a masterpiece.

2. Black by Ted Dekker

I feel like Ted Dekker is a super popular author and I am the only person who has not read his books. Full disclosure: I tried to read this one over a year ago at a friend’s prompting, but couldn’t get past the first few chapters. Here’s to my second try!

3. It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke

Another dear friend of mine gave this book to me for Christmas and I am pretty excited to read it. If you haven’t seen Jefferson Bethke’s viral video from a few years back, you have to watch it. I’ve always been interested in his books, so I had to add it to this list. And I’ve already started this one, and so far I’m liking it!

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts?
Are you planning to read any books that are outside your comfort zone this year?

10 thoughts on “3 Out of the Box Books for 2016

  1. The only one of those that I have read is “Black”. And I did not like it or the second book at all, though my brother insisted I keep trying. Dekker does have some good books. In my opinion, though, this isn’t one of his better ones.


      1. Maybe you’ll really enjoy it! I know my brother certainly did. And my sis-in-law really liked that series too. 😉 It’s just not for everyone… so if you don’t enjoy it, definitely give some of his other earlier books a try. 😉


  2. Cassie, the Ted Dekker book is worth reading, but you need an open mind when you read it or you’ll never get through it or enjoy it. I had the same approach to it a few years ago – it was so different from anything I usually read, but a friend wanted me to try it.

    It’s a good read, but it makes more sense after you read all 4 books. It truly is a circular series; the plot brings you back around to where it starts in Black.

    So best wishes!


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