Review: A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter

Whenever I read a book for review, I take notes to help me write the review once I’ve finished. The first comment I had about this one? “I think I’m going to like this book.” And I was right!

A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter
Hawthorne House, Book 1
Bethany House, 2015

If you like the humor of Jen Turano’s novels, this is a book you will enjoy. Debut author Kristi Ann Hunter writes in a similar vein to Jen’s humor while maintaining a distinct and engaging voice.

When I started reading this book, I expected a love triangle, but what I got was so much more. A Noble Masquerade follows Lady Miranda Hawthorne as she falls in love amidst the mystery, humor, and drama that abounds in this story. She finds herself intrigued by her brother’s new valet, who mistakenly sends one of her secret letters to the duke. When the duke responds to Miranda’s letter, her love life gets a little more complicated.

Another aspect I loved was the duplicity of the characters, oftentimes humorous. Not every person you meet is what they seem to be, but are hiding a previous lifestyle (that comes in handy when necessary) and I found it a fun and intriguing part of the story. Piecing together their backgrounds adds an extra layer to this humorous and enigmatic novel.

Today is release day, so go grab your copy! Want a sneak peek? Here’s a small excerpt of the book that I loved:

*I am an influencer for Kristi Ann Hunter. This is my honest opinion and all thoughts are my own.*


10 thoughts on “Review: A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter

  1. Sounds really good. I didn’t chose to review it because I have enough cluttering that TBR, but it’s nice to read great reviews from trusted blogging buddies. Thanks for sharing your concise review, Cassie. 🙂

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    1. I understand, it’s always hard to control the TBR pile! You should check out the novella if you get the chance, it’s short and super cute. Definitely think you’d enjoy it!


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