Review: Nobody’s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle

Real friendship requires effort. It’s showing up and laughing loud and crying hard. It’s forgiving and loving and giving the benefit of the doubt. xiv

Nobody’s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle
Tyndale, 2015

This memoir about friendship is a combination of everything I was looking for: laughter, heart, and sentimental stories that remind us what friendship looks like. Melanie Shankle has a unique kind of humor, which just leaps off the pages as you read. I found myself laughing several times throughout her book, even pausing a few times before I could continue reading: it’s just that funny!

Confession: there may have been moments where I laughed so hard I had to share with the people I was sitting around (family). I would read sections of the book aloud to them. For example, the camping incident (Chapter 10), ignoring her friend during an interview (Chapter 12), the meter board story (Chapter 15), any reference to Star Wars, and Diamond Castle Barbie (Chapter 16). (Also, I’m pretty sure I read all of these sections of the book in one sitting because I couldn’t stop reading the hilarious stories Melanie shared!)

I loved the quotes about friendship that marked the beginning of each new chapter, and the fun chapter titles that gave you a preview into what Melanie would be talking about next. I got an overwhelming sense of the wonderful friendships she has had in her past and present, and how each of them has shaped her life in one way or another. It’s true, too, how people change us. Our friends become part of who we are and how we live, and Melanie gives us a glimpse into how her friends have made her life better, richer, and fuller.

This book makes me want to hug my friends tight and tell them how important they are to me. The laughs are just as important as those hard moments. And friendship is about the fun times, the hard times, and the moments that shape us into the people we are today.

*Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers who has provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*


4 thoughts on “Review: Nobody’s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle

  1. Yes! I loved this one too! And those stories (the ignoring her friend was hilarious, especially since I could picture my friends and I doing the same thing!) were so fabulous! I plan on giving this one to many of the women in my life :).


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