Review: A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano
Ladies of Distinction, Book 1
Bethany House, 2012

My Thoughts:

I started reading A Change of Fortune on a whim one day, and little did I know what an engaging read I had picked up! Lady Eliza Sumner is prepared to do whatever it takes to have her fortune returned to her and her father’s good name restored. Under disguise as a governess, Eliza is determined to accomplish her goal.

The witty dialogue and characters are delightful in A Change of Fortune. Not only do we have a spunky heroine in Eliza, but we also meet a charming hero, his two adorable children, and a few other fantastic characters. This novel is full of humor, mystery, suspense, and romance all mixed into one historical novel.

However, as it is a historical novel, I did find it a bit unbelievable how open the characters were about sharing details and secrets with one another. Unnecessary things were mentioned in conversation and it felt unnatural. The characters and the plot as a whole are a little farfetched given the time period, but I still absolutely loved this book. It caught my interest early on, and held it until the end.

The plot moves forward at a fast pace, never letting the reader feel bored as the story races forward to the next turn of events. Things change quickly and often, which made this book entertaining and fun. Drama and antics ensue.

Readers looking for a historical novel with an overflowing dose of humor and characters who are silly and lovable, this is the book for you. I’m certainly glad I read it.


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