Seasons of Grace Review & Giveaway: To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling


In bestselling author Lauraine Snelling’s new novel, To Everything A Season, the tight-knit town of Blessing, North Dakota faces change and challenge at every turn.

In the middle of the maelstrom is young Trygve Knutson. He’s devoted to his family and his community, but he sometimes dreams of other horizons–especially since meeting Miriam Hastings.

Miriam is in Blessing with one goal: to complete her training as a nurse, and get back to Chicago to support her siblings and her ailing mother.  But the town of Blessing has a way of drawing in the most reluctant visitor, and soon Miriam’s attachment to Trygve and his family has her questioning her entire future.

To celebrate the release of this heart-warming novel, Bethany House and author Lauraine Snelling are pleased to present the SEASONS OF GRACE Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes features three special prizes, each closely connected to the book:  One prize to sweep you back into history, one prize to enable you to give to someone else, and one prize to help you celebrate a little of the story’s romance, in your own home. Giveaway ends November 3, 2014 and winner will be announced at

To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling
Song of Blessing, Book 1
Bethany House, 2014

My Thoughts:

The first book series I ever read from Lauraine Snelling was the Dakotah Treasures series, which is still my favorite from her. After also having read the Daughters of Blessing and Home to Blessing series, a bit of nostalgia overtook me when I had the chance to review this new series about the continuing story of Blessing. This is a must read for fans of Lauraine Snelling and the town of Blessing and it’s residents.

While long-time fans of Lauraine Snelling will enjoy this return to the characters they have come to know and love, this book may be harder for new readers to fall in love with. With so many characters who have their own storylines that have been established in previous novels, it is hard to catch up and figure out who’s who. Even I had a hard time keeping all the characters straight, and I’ve read some of the previous books! However, this new series will be a delight for fans who have followed this author. It might not have been for me, but don’t let me stop you from entering the growing town of Blessing.

I received a complimentary e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

To learn more about the giveaway and enter for your chance to win, click here.

4 thoughts on “Seasons of Grace Review & Giveaway: To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling

  1. Cassie, thank you so much for the time and care you’ve put into sharing about Lauraine’s giveaway! It was so fun to read about your favorite Dakota Treasures series, too. It’s such fun to be reminded of those faithful favorites! I hope you’ll stop by to enter the sweepstakes as well! ~Amanda


  2. Cassie, thanks for posting about our Sweepstakes for To Everything a Season. Thanks also for your review comments. Very astute and thought provoking. You bless many lives with your blog and I got a chuckle out of your tag line, reading my way through life. Ah, how I love to read and talk about the books I’ve read. Again thanks and happy reading.


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Lauraine. And also for your compliments; you are too kind! It was my pleasure to spread the word about your book and this wonderful giveaway!


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