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I have had the loveliest time getting to know debut author, Kristy Cambron. I initially touched bases with her through her blog and was able to get on her launch team for The Butterfly and the Violin. From our first interaction through email, it was apparent that Kristy has a kind and gentle spirit. She has befriended me, prayed for me, and has genuinely been interested in getting to know who I am. She has truly blessed me with her friendship.

I then proceeded to email her a very long list of questions to answer for me, and through her answers, I saw a glimpse of her heart. I can say with confidence that Kristy is beautiful both inside and outside.

The thing that has blessed me the most? When I was going through a difficult time in my personal life, I shared it with Kristy. One night, I got home late from a full day of work, and sitting in my inbox was an email from Kristy. Yes, she and I were discussing a business-related topic, but the first thing she wrote to me was not about our project. She asked how I was doing. She told me that I had been in her thoughts and prayers. And even thinking about that in this moment, it nearly brings tears to my eyes to know she cares.

Today, the July issue of the Family Fiction magazine is live. I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know Kristy, and the article I wrote on her and her debut novel is something I hope you will enjoy reading. Read about Kristy and her inspiring journey to publication.


4 thoughts on “Kristy Cambron featured in…

  1. Oh my stars!!! What a tear-inducing, heart-smiling, truly encouraging and humbling post! Cassie ~ You are a dream. I’m just glad God brought us together, because I have yet another beautiful friend. Thank you for your sweet words. I’m so grateful for you today (and every day). – K


    1. You’re welcome, Kristy! Our friendship has been a huge and unexpected blessing that I am so thankful for. If you ever need encouragement, you know how to reach me 🙂


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