The Book That Stole My Heart

Can I please live in post-Civil War Nashville? Pretty please? Because I absolutely loved this book. You better believe that it will be in my top ten books of 2014.

A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander
A Belmont Mansion Novel, Book 2
Bethany House, 2014

“Every brick laid in the foundation of a life, however meaningfully or haphazardly placed, shaped the whole” (156).

Eleanor Braddock is nearly 30 and has little prospect for a husband, but she doesn’t mind. Her dream is to own a restaurant and cook wonderfully delicious food.

Marcus Geoffrey, errr… should I say Archduke Marcus Gottfried, is hiding his royal Austrian heritage as he is determined to make a name for himself in his personal endeavors. He has a passion for botany and architecture that he is eager to see come to fruition.

Marcus and Eleanor slowly get to know one another, and their friendship blossoms on the pages. They truly know one another, as they share their hopes, dreams, and passions with each other. Their friendship becomes an important part of each of their lives as they begin to spend more and more time together and eventually see their dreams take a new path—one that is better than either of them had ever imagined.

As the characters grow and relationships develop, I was completely enthralled. Not only were the main characters completely realistic, I also thought the supporting characters were equally believable and added a extra layer of depth to the story.

A Beauty So Rare quietly unfolds and immerses you in a time and place that is entirely real as it comes to life. Tamera Alexander has a beautiful way with words, and she pulls you in to the story.

Beautiful. Enchanting. Lyrical. A completely wonderful and utterly satisfying read.

If you aren’t convinced (first of all, seriously? How are you not reading this book yet?), here are a few reviews that I absolutely love:

Jamie @ Books and Beverages
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11 thoughts on “The Book That Stole My Heart

  1. Cassie, thanks for the link back! I’m so glad you loved this one!

    I love how you pointed out Marcus and Eleanor’s friendship. I think it was important to their relationship – that their romance began with a strong friendship. That was one of my favorite things about this book, too.


    1. You’re welcome, Courtney!

      I agree, Courtney. They had a wonderful friendship– I loved how they really shared their hearts with each other, and they didn’t jump into a relationship.


  2. Hi Cassie,

    Have to agree this was a terrific read. I loved it as well.If you haven’t read book one in the series, you definitely should.



    1. Of course, Jamie! Yes, I’ve read A Lasting Impression and loved it. I have To Whisper Her Name in my TBR stack, but I haven’t been able to read it yet, but soon, hopefully!


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