Review: Summer of Joy

Summer of Joy by Ann H. Gabhart
The Heart of Hollyhill, Book 3
Revell, (2008) 2014

I’m going to get straight to the point– I did not like this book.  I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, but I did not even finish it.

Where I Stopped: Chapter 10, page 78

I’m sure you’re wondering why, so I shall try my best to explain my reasons for putting this book down.

Typically, the first few chapters will tell you a lot about the book you are reading, and what your reading experience will be like. This book did not interest me at all; there was no hook.

First, there were too many characters. I couldn’t figure out who’s who, and it was confusing.

Second, the plot. I couldn’t see what the story arc was. Is seemed to be going nowhere. It just didn’t grab my attention.

Finally, mix in a little Jupiter, and I was lost as a reader. I felt completely unconnected to any of the characters, and the plot felt like it wasn’t there. I wasn’t invested in the story.

BUT Just because I didn’t enjoy this book, doesn’t mean you won’t. If you like this author, series, the sixties, or books with a large, family-like cast of characters, you will like this book.

I was provided a free e-copy (through NetGalley) of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Revell and the Revell Reads program for providing me a copy of the book for review.

Disclaimer: I struggled to write this review, and I hesitate to share my opinion, as it is a negative one. However, because I am required to write a review for Revell’s program, I must honestly share my thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Review: Summer of Joy

  1. It is better to write and honest review like you did than to let it alone. At least other people will know in the future and not waste time or not feel bad if they try it and feel the same way! It is a review. Don’t beat yourself up over it! I sometimes feel bad when I am negative too!


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