Review: A Bride in the Bargain

A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist
Bethany House, 2009

I think I need to go out and find another Deeanne Gist book, because I loved this one! It started out slow, and I was unsure about it, but I completely fell in love with the characters, and I’m not quite sure when exactly it happened, it just did.

First, let me introduce you to Joe Denton. He is a lumberjack who has put his life into his land. His wife died 10 years ago, so now he is in danger of losing his land, and Joe would do just about anything to keep it. Anything. Even buy a Mercer bride.

Enter Anna Ivey. She comes west to start over. She has lost her parents and brother, and she believes with all her heart that it is her fault they died. She has closed her heart off from loving anyone else, because she thinks her love puts the people she cares for in danger. She has no intention of ever getting married. Ever.

So what happens next? Anna refuses to marry Joe, and thus puts his land in jeopardy of being lost. Will Joe lose his land? And will Anna ever open her heart again?

I thought this story was sweet. I love the setting in Seattle, Washington. Gist’s descriptions of the trees and land made me feel like I was there.  And watching two people accidentally fall in love and try to hide it was entertaining.  A cute story that took me by surprise and left me wanting to read more.

Rating: 4 stars

My library has these other Deeanne Gist books:

Courting Trouble
Maid to Match
Love on the Line

Which one should I read next? Recommendations, please?


9 thoughts on “Review: A Bride in the Bargain

  1. I love Gist’s books!! I liked Courting Trouble, but it’s a two part series, so make sure you have the second one. I know this isn’t on your list, but Bride Most Begrudging is my favorite (and her first!) 🙂


  2. A Bride in the Bargain and Maid to Match are the only books of Deeanne’s I have NOT read. All her others are great! A Bride Most Begrudging and The Measure of a Lady are my favorites.


      1. Yes, I need to read the others, too 🙂 Though it’s a favorite, all of her books have been great so far. I enjoyed the Courting Trouble series and Love On the Line, as well!


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