Mini-Reviews: The Grand Tour Series

The Grand Tour Series by Lisa T. Bergren
David C Cook, 2012/2013

Glamourous Illusions, Book 1

“The question isn’t how society defines you, nor how I define you, but rather how God defines you, and in turn, how you yourself want to be defined” (202).

In book one of the Grand Tour Series, we are introduced to Cora, a young girl who is soon to have her life turned upside-down. She learns the truth of her parentage- her father is not the man of simple means who she grew up with. Rather, her father is the wealthy copper king. Cora is swept out of her world and into the world of money and luxury. As she goes on the Grand Tour with her half siblings, Cora struggles to adjust to the changes that have been thrust upon her. Finding who she is amidst new people and circumstances stretches Cora in ways she could not have anticipated. Will Cora find herself, or get lost in the illusion of wealth? Can she learn to reconcile the life she knew with the new family she has been introduced to?

This book was difficult for me to get into at first, but I ended up enjoying it towards the end. I loved the masked ball and everything that happened from that point on in the book.


Grave Consequences, Book 2

“I felt a part of them now, able to make my way among them. But not truly one with them” (297).

In the second installment of The Grand Tour Series, Cora continues on the journey with her new family, as things get more complicated. The complications don’t just end with finding her place in this new family, but the group has the additional problem of trouble lurking in their presence. Danger is following Cora and her family on their tour, and every way they turn poses a threat. Difficult decisions must be made that affect everyone. Will they ever be safe to enjoy the tour without looking over their shoulders?

In the midst of this danger, Cora has now been accepted into the Kensington circle, but she is still trying to figure out who she is. She is determined to go back to her old life and make her own decisions, yet she cannot deny that she has changed. Will Cora willingly immerse herself in this new life or struggle to hold onto the identity she left behind in Montana?  How does her past affect her future? And will she ever embrace her new life without longing for the old one?


Glittering Promises, Book 3

“This will forever be the summer I lost everything I thought I had…But it will also be the summer that God used the tour to rebuild all of that into something eternal, regardless of what happens in the future” (420).

In the third and final book in The Grand Tour Series, Cora faces real and imminent changes in her life. With her new found wealth, will Cora become accustomed to living with money, or stay true to her roots? As she navigates her new life, she must be strong to face the challenges that lie ahead of her. Will she be an independent decision maker, or will she submit to following her father’s rules? And, which man will she choose: Will or Pierre?

This conclusion of The Grand Tour Series follows Cora as she finds her footing in her new life and continues to escape the danger that surrounds her. Where will she find herself when the tour comes to an end?

Overall, I had my likes and dislikes about this series. I loved reading about the adventures Cora went on throughout her Grand Tour journey and how her relationships with her family grew and changed. I disliked how repetitive the drama became- and how the same issues were revisited multiple times- it became tiresome.  I would have loved to see Cora’s dynamic with her parents at the end of the tour and see how her interactions with them would change. Although it is not my favorite, this is an enjoyable series overall.

Rating: 3 stars

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