Remember who you are, Simba


Today I am excited to share my experience of seeing The Lion King. It was a fun show that my mom and I had the opportunity to see. We had a wonderful time watching this musical unfold right before our eyes.

There was so much to see on the stage! The colors, the dancers, the costumes, were all amazing. The music will transport you back to your childhood, as you hear the first notes of “Circle of Life”. The music was wonderful, as it always is to hear a live orchestra at a musical.


One thing I really loved about this musical is that there are several languages spoken throughout. It was interesting to hear different languages and get a glimpse into different cultures on the stage. The dancing was one of my favorite aspects of the musical. It was beautiful to watch the dancers move so fluidly and together.

And the costumes! Where do I start? How do I explain? The costumes were incredible. Actors are dressed as animals and it is mesmerizing: giraffes, gazelles, lions, hyenas, elephants, and other animals are represented on the stage. What must it be like to wear those costumes and learn how to move and perform in them? The costumes alone are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


With all that said, I have to say that the acting and singing was not my favorite. Part of the reason for this was that Mufasa and Scar were played by understudies, and it showed. I feel like the singing and acting lacked the strength and power you would expect in the characters. Although there was a lot of potential, the singing lacked conviction and emotion, and I did not feel inspired by it.

Brown Lindiwe Mkhize, who played Rafiki, stole the show. I completely loved how she portrayed this character. In the movie (and musical), Rafiki acts as an anchor-like character, who redirects and guides Simba to take his rightful place and claim his true destiny. Mkhize is able to bring this character to life and shine. She plays this role with the perfect blend of wisdom and eccentric flair. She delivered a truly memorable performance, and it was thrilling to hear her sing with such a strong and piercing voice.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen/plan to see The Lion King? What did you think of the musical?


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