happy, free, confused, & lonely

Taylor Swift. The Red Tour.
It was amazing. All of it.

what I loved the most:

-her entrance

-the dancers & choreography

You Belong With Me– one of my favorites!

22– sang while she was carried to the second stage, what?

-and how does she get back to the main stage from the second stage ? well, she is lifted into the air over the audience, of course…

-Ed Sheeran.

violin solo before I Knew You Were Trouble– crazy good. best thing ever.

-multiple costume changes

-red piano

-Ellie Goulding.

-the finale, in which confetti was everywhere. she ended with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which I think is genius.

Taylor Swift  puts on a show. An amazing show. She is a wonderful performer.

It was especially fun to see that she still has moments in which she looks surprised that so many people love her. She is still blown away at the way people react to seeing her. Almost like she is amused. And then there are other moments when she just knows she is awesome and she has a huge smile on her face.

I would definitely go see her in concert again if I get the chance. Amazing.

this is the best picture I took. seriously.

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