Review: My Hope Is Found

My Hope Is Found by Joanne Bischof
The Cadence of Grace, Book 3
Multnomah Books, 2013

“Everything was tangled. All her hopes and dreams knotted with the past.” (140)

In this third and final installment of The Cadence of Grace series, My Hope is Found, Gideon and Lonnie’s love story comes to a satisfying conclusion.

This book opens with Gideon making his return to Lonnie, while at the same time, Lonnie is trying to move forward with her life without Gideon. Right from the beginning, it is evident that this journey will be one of emotional ups and downs.

In Gideon’s absence, Lonnie has been getting to know Toby, the Scottish reverend who has become an important person in her life. On the eve of Gideon’s return, Toby proposes marriage and a future. As Lonnie gives her heart to Toby, she still needs to heal from the pain of losing Gideon, only to find him on her doorstep.

Talk about emotional turmoil! These characters endure so much hurt and pain as they try to work through their emotions and make the right choices. Both Gideon and Toby love Lonnie and want her to be a part of their lives, but they also know Lonnie has to make that decision herself; neither one of them can make it for her.

I grew rather fond of Toby myself. He was a man of honor and integrity. He loved Lonnie with all his heart and had such a quiet, gentle spirit. He always treated Lonnie with kindness and understanding.

Who will Lonnie choose? You would think this is an easy question to answer, but as things get more complicated, it is hard to not go back and forth between the two men. Toby or Gideon?

Rating: 4 stars

I received an Advanced Reading Copy of this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my honest review.

My Hope Is Found can be found in bookstores on October 15th.

To read chapter 1, click here.


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