Mailbox Surprise from Karen Witemeyer

I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago when I learned that I won Karen Witemeyer’s Writing Desk book giveaway on Tricia Goyer’s blog.  I won her latest book, Stealing the Preacher, and I very much look forward to reading it soon!

But the real surprise happened when I received the book in the mail the other day.  Not only did I receive Karen’s book, but she also blessed me with a some lovely trinkets that I was surprised to find when I opened the package.  This surprise made me want to share what I received with you.  Enjoy!

First, I got this tote bag with the book cover image on the front. How adorable!
Karen Witemeyer 001

In this next picture, you can see a real flower magnet on the left side.  On the right is a sewing kit for your purse when you are on the go.
Karen Witemeyer 004

In this next picture are several trinkets.  On the far left, you can see a recipe for Cinnamon Crisps, which is a treat that Meredith makes in Short Straw Bride.  I have read this book in the past and it is my favorite from Karen Witemeyer.  I can’t wait to make this recipe and share it with you!  On the right side there are four bookmarks that are super cute!  I don’t really have any bookmarks around, and I typically use a scrap piece of paper, so these will come in handy!
Karen Witemeyer 005

Of course, I also received the book, but what really made me happy was that Karen signed it!  I have never had an autographed copy of a book before, and you should have seen how excited I was when I realized that she signed it! Very exciting!
Karen Witemeyer 002
Isn’t that neat!

With that said, I can’t wait to read this book, and I am so blessed by the gifts I received.  Thank you to Karen Witemeyer for being so generous!

Sidenote: I start my new job tomorrow (!), so my blogging schedule will probably be sporadic for a few weeks until I get used to my new routine.  Stick around, I have some great things planned for my blog!

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