Review: A Noble Groom

A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund
Bethany House, 2013

Annalisa Werner is in the midst of troubles.  Not only does she have a small child and a baby on the way, but she is struggling to save the family farm, and now her husband has died.  Who will her new husband be?  And will she be able to save the farm?

Enter Carl Richards, former schoolteacher, at least that’s what he says.  He arrives in Michigan and offers to help Annalisa with her farm until her new husband shows up.  As Carl and Annalisa get to know each other, will his secret create barriers Carl didn’t anticipate?

My Thoughts:
First, I must comment on the cover.  I think it is a perfect representation of Carl.  It completely captures his personality- charming, funny, playful, kind.  There is also a sense of cockiness about him, but at the same time there is a vulnerability in his character.  He is such a wonderful character, and it is not often that I see a cover that so closely resembles how I imagine a character.

Carl is keeping a secret about his past, and as time goes by, it becomes harder for Carl to hide the truth.  In the beginning, Carl is someone who feels entitled and important.  But, as the story progresses, Carl learns the value of hard work. Living in Michigan gives him a new perspective which both humbles him and gives him a deep appreciation and understanding of what life is like for people who must work long hours of labor.

Annalisa has lived a rough, difficult life.  The only light in her life is her daughter, Gretchen.  When Carl arrives, Annalisa is guarded and hesitates to trust Carl.  He is so different from the other men in her life, and she doesn’t know how to respond to him.  She becomes a strong, confident woman and grows bolder in making decisions for herself instead of letting other people make decisions for her.

As Annalisa and Carl spend more time together, they slowly begin to open up to one another and share their pasts.  As they face many hardships together, their relationship grows stronger.  There are many hills and valleys along the way, and it appears that some valleys may be too deep and too difficult to work through. Can they ever truly open up their hearts to one another and find love?

Favorite Secondary Character: Annalisa’s daughter, Gretchen was my favorite character.  She is two years old and completely adorable.  Gretchen gives love freely and without reservation.  Her love is pure and simple, and the joy and excitement she expressed when seeing Carl brings a smile to your face.  And the way she adores her puppy and holds him all the time is precious.

Rating: 4 stars

5 thoughts on “Review: A Noble Groom

    1. I agree. I also think it is refreshing to see a guy on the cover. Most of the time there seems to be a girl on the cover, and that can get boring sometimes.


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