Review: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss
Summerside Press, 2013

Ginny Marshall is finally getting what she has always wanted- the chance to become a recording artist.  But, just as she gets the contract she has been waiting for, she feels the desire to run away– to her ex-fiancé, Brett.

Even though it has been two years, Brett still thinks about Ginny often.  After they broke up, he moved back to Alaska, where he lives in a beautiful place and is surrounded by a tight-knit community.  What will Brett think when he sees Ginny in his hometown after all their time apart?

My Thoughts:
Ginny walks through life with a damaged heart.  As a child, her mom gave her up, and Ginny has moved from foster home to foster home her whole life.  This has caused her to put up a wall in order to protect herself from loving anyone that may walk out of her life at any moment.  Because of her abandonment, she has a hard time opening her heart and trusting people.

Brett is strong and sees Ginny for who she really is.  He knows about her past and his greatest desire is to be there for her and help her heal.  But, “He had thought his love would be enough to unlock her heart and to help her chip away at the walls she’d built, brick by brick, pain by pain. He’d been wrong. It hadn’t been enough.  He hadn’t been enough” (26).

Will things be different if they give their relationship a second chance?

I loved the town of Glacier Bay.  The setting seemed to take on a life of its own.  Also, the people of Glacier Bay were lovely, warm, and inviting.  It sounds like a wonderful community to be a part of.

My favorite character had to be Grandma Ethel.  She was so cute when she would sneak around, trying to get her grandson and Ginny to reconcile.  She was a sweet character, and you could tell that she cared deeply for Ginny and Brett and their future.

I thought the letters that Ginny reads throughout the novel were an intriguing way for Ginny to come to terms with her past and her relationships.  Although they were an interesting aspect to the story, I found that these letters were a large majority of the book, a story within a story, if you will.  This is perfectly fine, but I would have enjoyed reading more about Ginny and Brett.

I did enjoy this story, however, I felt that something was lacking. I had a hard time understanding the characters’ motivations and behavior at certain points in the book because there needed to be more back story for both Ginny and Brett.  You do learn more about their past, which helps explain the present state of their relationship, but there needed to be more information to flesh everything out, in my opinion.  I didn’t feel like I got to know the characters as well as I wanted to.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable read.  It makes me want to visit Alaska someday!

Rating: 3 stars


2 thoughts on “Review: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska

  1. I have not read Glacier Bay, Alaska, but I am currently finishing Goyer’s Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War. I am really enjoying it. If you like historical fiction, you should give it a try.


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