Review: Love Amid the Ashes

Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews
Revell, 2011

In this novel of Biblical fiction, Dinah, daughter of Jacob, is commanded to travel to Job’s household and marry his son.  But, when Job’s world falls around him, Dinah commits to helping Job in any way she can.

My Thoughts:

“Your life is like that beautiful, shattered pot.  It has just been broken open, and the lovely scent that’s been inside your heart is about to be shared” (18).

Thus begins the story of Dinah, as she learns to work through the pain she has endured in her life.  Earlier in her life, Dinah experienced troubles that have been a burden to her ever since.  She struggles with pain, hurt, and shame.  But, although she faces her own shame and the ridicule and disgust of others, Dinah is also a strong, beautiful woman of character.

As Job’s life falls apart and everything is taken from him, Dinah watches his example of how to deal with pain and grief.  His suffering is great and extends for a long period of time.  However, in the midst of his suffering, Job knew that God was in control.

“Though his world had been shattered, he knew God remained steadfast” (139).

Dinah learns from Job as he suffers through his own afflictions.  There is beauty in our brokenness.

This book teaches a strong message that we are all broken in some way, but God can use that for his glory.

Although the message of this book is powerful and sound, I had one major problem with the book.  I did not feel pulled into the story.  It was a slow read that didn’t capture my attention.  The plot was interesting, but it seemed to drag on and on for far too long.

Rating: 2 stars


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