Farewell, School! Hello, World!

I have been reflecting on my time in school for the past few weeks.  As I approach graduation (next month!), I feel like my life is about to change.

School has been my life.  It is something I have always enjoyed.  School is where I fit.  It was my niche.  It was where I excelled.  Even when I said I hated school (countless times), let’s be honest, I didn’t.  The feeling of satisfaction I felt when I got an A on that test I studied so hard for, or the triumphant joy I felt for getting an A on that paper I poured my heart into- I loved it.   It has been difficult and there have been a lot of breakdowns and roadblocks.  But, I can’t believe it is coming to an end. Forever. (I mean, unless I decide to pursue my Masters, but that’s another topic…).

And now, I am graduating from college.  Next month, I will wear that cap and gown and proudly walk across the stage to receive my diploma.  My diploma is not just a piece of paper.  It is the representation of the last four years.  Of every difficult moment in my education.  Of every paper I somehow found a way to finish and every test I managed to pass.  Of every difficult thing I have been through.  This piece of paper is not to be taken lightly.  It is my ticket for the future.  It represents opportunity.  It represents hope for the future.

Where will I go next?  Only time will tell.  I know where I want to be, but I am relying on God to reveal to me where he wants me to be.  It is both an exciting time and also a scary one.  I am entering the unknown.  No more will there be textbooks and research papers.  Welcome to the world.

Education: completed.

cap and gown


3 thoughts on “Farewell, School! Hello, World!

  1. Cassie, I am so proud of you and can hardly believe that your graduation is just around the corner. You have worked so hard, and I know that you have put your studies ahead of the “fun stuff” countless times. It’s time to pursue your dreams baby girl! Just remember to seek the Lord in everything and He will direct you. I know He has great things for you!
    I love you,


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