My Ideal Bookshelf: Part 1- Review

My Ideal Bookshelf
Art by Jane Mount
Edited by Thessaly la Force
Little, Brown and Company, 2012

The Book:
My Ideal Bookshelf is a book about books; truly something for the book lover.  This book is comprised of several peoples’ (obviously) ideal bookshelves.  These books shaped their lives, impacted their worldviews, and made them who they are.  I enjoyed looking through this book because every shelf was a glimpse into a different person’s life.  What books are important to them? What insights might that give us on who they are?

The idea of putting together a shelf of books that is a picture of who I am is intriguing.  Your ideal bookshelf has the ability to show other people a glimpse of your personality, how you’ve grown as a person, or what changed you.  Books have the power to touch our lives and leave a lasting impression on us.  These books are a part of us.  Reading through My Ideal Bookshelf was a pleasant experience for me.  I could relate to a lot of things that different people said about how the books on their shelf affected them.

“If you knew me, you’d know that each of these books is a part of who I am.” -Mark Bittman (25)

“I was completely smitten by that book.  I longed to read everything I possibly could, and the things I read in turn produced new yearnings.” -Patti Smith (169)

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about what other people have read.  It is a great coffee table book.  You can flip to any page and explore the bookshelf that you stumble upon.

My Thoughts:
More than anything, this book got me thinking about what books would be on my ideal bookshelf.  It’s a hard question, really.  There are so many good books out there, how do you choose only 7 or 10 books that are the dearest to you or have made the biggest impact on your life?

Look for my upcoming post about the books I would choose for my ideal bookshelf.  As soon as I decide what would be on my shelf, I will write about it!

Rating: 4 stars

To see Jane Mount’s bookshelf art, click here.  Did you know you can buy your own ideal bookshelf?!  (I’m going to get one someday!)

Your Turn:
What books would you put on your ideal bookshelf?  Is your bookshelf made up of popular, contemporary books, the classics, or books that aren’t that well known?  Let me know in the comments!


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