Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

So, I’ve been looking around for new books that might be interesting, and I came across a list of 10 Fun Books Every Woman Should Read in Her Twenties. I thought to myself, “well, I’m in my twenties”, so I decided to pick one.

Which brings me to our book:

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
The Dial Press, 2001

Rebecca Bloomwood is a conundrum.  She is a journalist at Successful Savings, a financial magazine, yet in her personal life, Becky can’t stop shopping.  With overdue VISA bills (and lets be honest, several other bills), Becky has accumulated significant debt.  As she tries to cut back and get things in order, will she be able to resist the latest styles in the shop windows?

My Thoughts:
This is a fun, quick read in which I often found myself quietly laughing at the antics of Rebecca.  She has such a distinct, witty voice which is very entertaining to read.  She processes things with her humorous internal banter, and then she comes up with some fantastic, far-fetched scenario that is completely ridiculous, but amusing, nonetheless.

I loved the irony of her working at a financial magazine, yet her personal finances are out of control.  She ignores her bills, and then to make herself feel better about the debt she’s in, she goes out and buys something for herself.  Just something small…

And then she rationalizes her purchases as “investments”.

Her colorful imagination and blind optimism will keep you glued to the page to see what she does next.

In the end, this is  a story about growing up and becoming a mature, responsible adult.  Rebecca has to face reality, just like all of us eventually have to.  This story shows us not to ignore our finances (or whatever you are scared of).  Rather, by facing the real world, only then do we truly grow up.

Just a word of warning: this book does occasionally use offensive words.  It’s not too often, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Rating: 4 stars

What are your thoughts on Rebecca Bloomwood and her shopping habits?  Will you be reading this book?


3 thoughts on “Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

  1. I loved her book “The Undomestic Goddess” when I read it in my 20’s (which wasn’t that long ago!). I checked out the list and I recommend “The Joy Luck Club” if you haven’t read it yet!


  2. I love your review by the way!
    & I absolutely adore Rebecca Bloomwood too, I’ve read a few of Sophie Kinsella’s books, some of my favourites; Shopaholic collection, Remember me, and Undomestic Goddess! If you’re looking for one that will make you giggle endlessly, I urge you to read the last one! Fantastic book!



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