Review: To Win Her Heart

To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer
Bethany House, 2011

Eden Spencer is the librarian in the small town of Spencer, Texas in 1887. She is a self-declared spinster who has decided not to marry, and she especially detests violence.  Enter Levi Grant, the new blacksmith in town.  Just released from jail, Levi has turned a new leaf in his life and has turned away from his ugly past.  When Levi isn’t forthcoming with his past, will he push Eden away?

My Thoughts:
PROS: What I liked most about the book was how the main characters relied on God for strength and direction in their lives. When Eden is feeling conflicted, she turns to God with this prayer:

“Dear God, I don’t want my fear to be a barrier to the blessing you are trying to bestow.  Cast out my fear, and help me to trust in your perfect love.  But also grant me a full measure of wisdom.  Do not let me be led astray by my own desires.  If it is not your will that I pursue a relationship with Levi, I pray that you will stop me.  Make your message so clear that I cannot argue it away.  Protect me, Lord, and show me the way I should go” (116).

I thought this was a really honest prayer; similar even to a prayer I have prayed in my personal life.  The author made faith a central part of her book, both by creating characters who loved God and by sprinkling Scripture throughout the novel.

CONS: I felt like there was a lot of foreshadowing in this book, and I could easily see where it was going. When I read a book, I prefer for the foreshadowing to be subtle, so I don’t immediately figure it out.  This felt a bit obvious.  Also, I unfortunately did not feel invested in the story or the characters.

This book was a quick read, with a simple plot line.  Although this was not one of my favorite books, I found that the book had a wholesome message about seeking God first.

Rating: 3 stars

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